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July 15
We love it when someone famous (famis) loves our stuff.  This week we found Lauren Laverne Loves our MAM stuff - check oot these bits of social media from Instagram and Twitter! #geordiecards #geordiegifts #geordiemugs #mamcards
Personalised presents for Geordies to add a unique touch

Personalised presents for Geordies to add a unique touch


June 15
Bumped into a bit of Geordie Royalty in Newcastle the other day - heres our own Jo with Ant!! Duchess of Byker and the King of Telly! How fab

Great Gifts and personalised presents for Geordies to add a unique touch


March 15
So we were getting loads of interest from our friends over the pond! Then we see this! BBC AMERICA NO LESS!! We think this is brilliant and love it that a fellow Geordie loves us too (all the way owa there)
Great Gifts and personalised presents for Geordies to add a unique touch

Geordie Cards Gifts and SouvenirsGeordie Cards Gifts and Souvenirs


15th June 14

Had a big spike in twitter activity yesterday.  Steph McGovern from BBC Breakfast business tweeted a picture of loads of my cards she had bought in Newcastle.  She has 75,000 followers so I got some really nice tweets about my work (ahhhh) nice to be appreciated.  Chris Ramsey the comedian is a friend of a friend and he liked his Best Daddy in Hebburn card (in the TV show he became a Dad)!

Soooo I'm now available for red carpet events should anyone wish to hire me!! haha!

Personalised Geordie Gifts and Souvenirs 9th April 14
So yesterday I noticed we had LOADS of orders and web traffic to our retail website. Then I saw that it was coming from this fabulous mention on What
Have a look the article has now been shared on facebook alone over 8,000 times!
Very happy to see we are spreading the Geordie love!
Many thanks to Nina Cresswell for writing such a great article.
Geordie Cards Gifts and Souvenirs March 14
Another few little words in Living North about our fab Mam cards!! How fab! Sold loads so it obviously worked!
Cards 4 geordies & Geordie Gifts for the North East

November 13
Dead happy to be featured in the beautiful and stylish living North (November 2013 issue).
I just love looking at the gorgeous houses and interiors just need to sell a few billion
more cards and gifts and perhaps I could have one of them!


Cards For Yorkshire, Cards4Yorkshire September 13
This is fab!! A lady in Chicago from the North East wrote a book and was inspired by the motto "Shy Bairns Get Nowt" on her mug (made by us)!! Anyway not only has she had the book published but has had a piece in yesterdays Guardian. AND she credited us in her blog too for inspiring. How cool is that?
Geordi Gifts and Souvenirs July 13
Really pleased to be featured in the Card & Gift Blog this week - we are really amongst some great designers and companies.  Woohoo!  Very happy.  Strange finishing Christmas designs when its sooo hot outside - I'm honestly NOT complaining!
Great Greeting cards with a regional accent June 13
OOoooh eeeeeeh Ooooooh eeeeeeh!  Sorry I'm incoherent just SOOO happy to be featured in the fabulous Print & Pattern Blog.  Having looked at this blog for years as a bible for all things surface design, its such a great feeling to get work featured. Yeesssss!! Just need to come down off my high and get some work done!
Dialectable greeting cards with a regional accent June 13
Very pleased to say that my new owl design for my much loved Wot Fettle (Cumbrian range)  is featured in this months Progressive Greetings magazine. Its great to see my work in such great company with the big designers in the UK.  Form an orderly queue please for autographs.....
Dialectable greeting cards with a regional accent May 13
Its always nice to get a mention on a lovely blog so we  were delighted when we interviewed by Hannah from My First House.  It was almost like being stars - well without the makeup, autographs and after show alcohol!  Thanks for the post Hannah - it can be read by clicking here MYFIRSTHOUSE 
Dialectable greeting cards with a regional accent March 13
OOOOh my cards got a mention in a very stylish blog this week - eeeh how fab. The story about the baby headbutting did make me wince a little! Kids are dangerous creatures sometimes!  Working on our new Geordie range - just waiting for the first production samples eeeeeeeeh!
Scouse Dialectable greeting cards with a regional accent January 13
We are very pleased to say that we have quite a big feature in this months Progressive Greetings Magazine in the design section - our Scouse Stuff Designs are featured.  Its great that we are up there with the big boys!! WOOHOO!!
Aug 2012
Nice feature by a fabulous designer Lisa Martin here! Very happy indeed

April 2012
Pleased to pass on the Leibster Award to these lovely design blogs which I've found lately and admire their work - I am a twitter addict @bykerlass1 and have found most of these through twitter!
Don't forget guys to pass onto 5 design blogs with less than 200 followers!
Click on the image to go to each blog.
February 2012
How fab!  Rebecca who has the lovely and inspirational Little Tree Design blog has kindly featured me along with some of the best illustrators and designers around today.  I'm welling up...... its just like getting an Oscar, well without the dress, and the paps and oh yeah its for drawing!! 
January 2012
Came 2nd in competition for being an innovative business! Feature from the News Guardian Newspaper
January 2012
Short listed for Business award If I Can You can business  in Newcastle! wooohoo! Feature from the News Guardian Newspaper
Geordie Cards Gifts and Souvenirs November 2011
Oooh we got a job to do some Christmas cards for MTV Geordieshore - how fab. This is the inside of the card, can't show you the outer work for obvious reasons!!  Nice to work for such a trendy brand!
Bykerlass Blog November 2011
Evening Chronicle feature about dialect design! Woohoo!
Bykerlass Blog May 2011
Totally fantastic feature today of my GeordieMugs work in the lovely card and gift blogspot.  Very happy - seems we are getting Geordie love everywhere these days! Nice to be appreciated!
Geordie Cards Gifts and Souvenirs December 2010
Thanks so much to fantastic Geordie IT girl Fran Joynson for giving us a mention in her column in this Months Accent Magazine.  We must be deein alreet to get a posh bird like her on side!