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Things you need to know
1. We and, put a lot of time an effort into creating researching and manufacturing unique ORIGINAL cards and gifts.  We have been trading since November 2009 and have a reputation for being fair and very efficient producing quality UK made goods.  We are respectful not to copy or remove anyone’s livelihood and respect others work and originality, we expect the same in return.

2. One of our main supporters is a Solicitor with a wealth of intellectual property rights knowledge and who has pledged us UNLIMITED LEGAL ASSISTANCE should we need to enforce any copyright issues.

3. All our work has been legally lodged for copyright with a reputable copyright agency at the date of origination by BRIFFA .
This is a costly exercise per piece of work. We see as an investment/insurance in our business.

4. Should we feel you are breaching any of our design rights we will in the first instance write/email you ourselves asking for your reasons behind this. PLEASE BE AWARE AT THIS POINT WE WILL HAVE COLLATED EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANY PERCEIVED BREACH.

5. If you are stupid enough not to cease we will then challenge you with a Form of Enforcement presented by our legal representative and commence proceedings against you to recover any losses incurred by us.

6. Whilst we have no legal right over regional dialect or funny sayings – we can enforce the way they are presented should we feel they are in breach of any of our designs. For example if text is an integral part of our design and we feel it is presented in the same way for monetary gain this could be deemed to be in breach of the Common Law Action – "Passing off". We will then commence sections 4 and 5 as above.

7. We are not unprofessional amateur artists trying to scratch a living. THIS IS OUR LIVELIHOOD AND WE WILL PROTECT IT.

No labels, logos or images (referred to as "materials" herein) from the ( and, or any website owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by Jo Burrows and Nick Burrows may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way. The only exception is our stockists. Having obtained written permission in the first instance, they are then permitted to use our images ONLY for the promotion of our products and NO OTHER USE. Modification of the materials or use of the materials for any other purpose is a violation of and, and Jo Burrows and Nick Burrows.