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Merry Christmas 2023 December 21 2023

We've had a mad busy Christmas season this year.  Not only do we make goods for lovely individual customers - we also have nearly 700 retail stores we supply so we which keep us very busy.  Jo our designer had knee surgery in November which meant she couldn't get as involved as much as usual with production and was limping round the design studio on crutches. So we are having a well earned break.  Looking forward to a peaceful and stress free 2024.  Merry Christmas to all our lovely customers and thank you for all your support and love in 2023.

Tay Tay July 27 2023

Taylor Swift Drawing

My character drawing has evolved a lot in the last few years.  Some of the early drawings are a bit dodgy now when I look back.  However, I am absolutely loving my latest illustration of Taylor Swift.  To be fair she is gorgeous with flawless skin and not hard to draw.  I wanted to get the lips and teeth right - she has a perfect bow on her top lip which i added a tiny highlight to.  I did a quick pen drawing then scanned it and digitised it looking at photos of her.   Hope you like it.

Essential Maintenance February 02 2023

So sorry to our customers who want last minute Valentines cards and gifts from us.  We are having work done in our offices so decided it would be easier on us not to work and to assist with the maintenance (even if it is just making cups of tea).  Back open all shiny and new on 13th Feb 23. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Jo and Nick

Merry Christmas December 10 2022

Merry Christmas to all our lovely customers and thank you for your continued support.  We wish you all a very happy Christmas and an amazing 2023.
Bestest wishes


Jo and Nick and the Elves at Wotmalike

The Henries 2022 nomination!yippee August 25 2022

So thrilled to be nominated for this years Henries (its like the Oscars for the greeting card industry)

Copy Cats Marks & Spencer August 24 2022

Copy Cats Greeting Card by Marks and Spencer designer Benjamin Dart
Sadly its a regular occurrence I find "influences" of my work online in others work. Sometimes I just let it go or send a polite message usually its inexperienced designers who don't know any better when its a direct copy.
Just went for a swim to chill out then popped into M&S for some sushi. Saw this card - there are others in the range too. I think this is more than INFLUENCING?? Anyone else agree??? AND its not the first time M&S or and one of their suppliers (usually Tigerprint) have ripped off my work. I know from a friend of a friend who is a talented designer its not worth going after them as they just tie you up in loads of legal shite even though I have copyright insurance - I have too much ORIGNAL INNOVATION to do to waste mental energy on this. But I thought I'd just like to put it out there. Be original.

Wooden Hearts March 25 2022

Our lovely little wooden heart keepsakes have sold so well in the run up to Mother's Day we are thinking of extending the range. Watch this space!

Quick Break February 09 2022

We are having a quick break back at work on 18th Feb!  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Wotmalike Closed

We are open! December 31 2021

Had a great Christmas break and now we are back open!  Happy 2022 Everyone!

Early Closure For Christmas 2021 December 07 2021

We are so sorry we have closed early for Christmas 2021.  This is mainly due to the fact Jo our designer is recovering from a broken leg and covid and we have been inundated with orders.  We decided to close to ensure all orders we have received are sent out in a timely fashion.  We will be open in the New Year all fresh and raring to go.  
A very Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.  A billion thanks for all your custom during 2021.

Jo & Nick
Wotmalike Early Christmas Closure 2021

We've got a new phone number! November 24 2021

Our old number will still work for a while but this is our new number! 01489 796316 its a regular UK landline so your reg charges will apply.

Lumpy Potato Lady a True Life Story...... May 26 2021

Lumpy Potato Lady a  True Life Story......
Inspired after a trip to the doctors the struggles of lumpy potato lady document the struggles of a wine swilling dietphobe

Character Prints coming soon May 17 2021

Wotmalike Character designs - now as prints!

Deidre Barlow January 12 2021

I do that thing when I haven't drawn for a while that I suddenly think I may've lost it. Since Christmas and the new lockdown my attentions have been elsewhere looking at new avenues for when this is all over. So yesterday I thought I'd do a drawing. So here is Deidre Barlow in all her glory. Originally a hand drawing then a scan then digitised. I love her and surprised myself. (the neck was the hardest part haha)! 

Deidre Barlow by Wotmalke

Christmas 2020 September 15 2020

Christmas in September - yep covid means we need something to look forward to!

Slowly slowly catchy monkey June 06 2020

As shops will be reopening on 15th June we are getting ready to reopen ourselves in a quiet small way.  During the lockdown we relocated all our stock to a warehouse near where we live and will be doing all our own packing and picking now.  We've used the time to look ahead and make some decisions about how we work we have been designing a whole new brand but more on that later.  We've got new tech to help us work smarter.  We are lucky we weren't directly affected by the virus but it has been incredibly frustrating being one of the 3 million #forgottenltd.  Looking forward to some level of NORMAL - whatever that may be.

Corona Virus Closure March 29 2020

Sorry we decided to close as we aren't able to get any government assistance for being self employed  unless we furloughed. We thought we would use the time to focus on our family as the orders had just about dried up.  We will be back asap so thank you for your understanding.  We appreciate all our customers so much and hope you all stay safe and find some appreciation of the down time.  We will return with renewed vigor.  Thanks Nick and Jo X

Mothers Day 2020 February 19 2020

Our fab bold Mother's Day coasters are great - they are glossy cork backed made in-house by us.  Cork Backed Coasters

Angel Ornaments - Those we LOVE October 18 2019

Beautiful Gold Angel Ornament by Wotmalike

Cath Tate Collaboration September 24 2019

Cath Tate Cards with Wotmalike Collaboration and world wide licence deal

Christmas 2018 - Its here! October 20 2018

British Design, British Made, British Quality, Gold Foil Embossed, Style whats not to like - Wotmalike's 2018 Christmas Cards are a winner.

Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum in Liverpool 2018 April 27 2018


Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd


Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd


Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd

I'm just a bit (well not just a bit) like a load really proud of the merchandise I designed for the Terracotta Warriors visiting Liverpool's World Museum.  They are expecting around 4 million visitors and so far its been a roaring success. It runs from March through til October and is well worth a visit.
From a design perspective all previous merchandise for the Terracotta Warriors was a little "traditional" I decided to put a modern twist on it.  Every warrior is different so I applied this factor to all the drawings.  Every one of my warriors is different and is accurate according to rank, uniform, head dress so I learned quite a bit in the design process.

Terracotta Warriors, World Museum Liverpool, Terracotta Soldiers, Terracotta Army, Bykerlass Designer, British design

Character Keyrings By Wotmalike April 20 2018

Jo Burrows Illustrator - shows us her new character keyrings drawn in very own unique drawing style.

Me Da's A Miner Inspiration..... June 26 2017

Always nice to work with talented people and I was delighted to work with Matt Reilly (poet) again.  I wanted to create a gift for a mining museum (Woodhorn Colliery) which had a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.  When I spoke to Matt about him producing a poem I told him this and gave him some dialect words to incorporate into the poem. He came back with this gem and I instantly knew it would resonate with people in the North East. I created this illustration from a photo I took when I was at Woodhorn.  I'm loving the love this has already received and I love the fact this is keeping a little part of our North East heritage alive.