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Christmas 2018 - Its here! October 20 2018

British Design, British Made, British Quality, Gold Foil Embossed, Style whats not to like - Wotmalike's 2018 Christmas Cards are a winner.

Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum in Liverpool 2018 April 27 2018


Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd


Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd


Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd

I'm just a bit (well not just a bit) like a load really proud of the merchandise I designed for the Terracotta Warriors visiting Liverpool's World Museum.  They are expecting around 4 million visitors and so far its been a roaring success. It runs from March through til October and is well worth a visit.
From a design perspective all previous merchandise for the Terracotta Warriors was a little "traditional" I decided to put a modern twist on it.  Every warrior is different so I applied this factor to all the drawings.  Every one of my warriors is different and is accurate according to rank, uniform, head dress so I learned quite a bit in the design process.

Terracotta Warriors, World Museum Liverpool, Terracotta Soldiers, Terracotta Army, Bykerlass Designer, British design

Character Keyrings By Wotmalike April 20 2018

Jo Burrows Illustrator - shows us her new character keyrings drawn in very own unique drawing style.

Me Da's A Miner Inspiration..... June 26 2017

Always nice to work with talented people and I was delighted to work with Matt Reilly (poet) again.  I wanted to create a gift for a mining museum (Woodhorn Colliery) which had a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.  When I spoke to Matt about him producing a poem I told him this and gave him some dialect words to incorporate into the poem. He came back with this gem and I instantly knew it would resonate with people in the North East. I created this illustration from a photo I took when I was at Woodhorn.  I'm loving the love this has already received and I love the fact this is keeping a little part of our North East heritage alive.



Mothers Day 2017 February 28 2017

Mothers Day is March Sunday March 26th - so don't get caught out get your Mam or Mum or Mummsie whatever you call her a lovely card and gift from us.
Our signs are as ever popular, our personalised cards even more - dont forget Nanas, Grans and Grandmas - we'll add the place name at your request!

Mothers Day By Wotmalike

We only have a few of our fabulous MAM Make Up bags left so be quick!

Love is in the air...... January 31 2017

Love is in the air with loads of different accents here at Wotmalike HQ!

Our options cards are going down so well - especially the one about putting the BINS OOT!

Love makes the world go round apparently!

Happy New You! January 02 2017

Blimey can't believe its been so long since I've done a blog post.  Christmas 2016 and has just been a blur since August when the main production was done.  We thought this year wouldn't be so manic as we were really organised but hadn't counted on the number of personalised products which are obviously made on demand going out!
Anyway happy new 2017 - New Years resolutions and all that - to help with that diet we've got a few little gems for motivation!  Think my New Years resolution is to blog more! 

Little Pickers Wear Big Knickers Sign by WotmalikeWarning Diet in progress Mood Swings Wotmalike


We LOVE #GBBO and can't wait for it to return.  We know that CAKE is always the answer and that its ALWAYS CAKE O'CLOCK (well at our house is it).  Got lots of signs many of which can be personalised to give to all those who love a bit of baking!

Personalised Rustic Wooden Baking Signs by Wotmalike

Style Reins - style all round! June 01 2016

We are sooooo happy to have a little mention in the fabulous Style Reins magazine Summer Issue (out 1st June)! We are in great company with some gorgeous designers and top brands!

My Northern Soul Mate April 19 2016

Lovely feature about our business in Northern Soul Magazine

Have a read here.

Mother's Day Done March 03 2016

Phew!! Last orders for Mothers Day 2016 have just gone out.  Had a massive reaction to our new BEST IN collection for Mother's Day this year.  February was our best February ever - we have been really busy, with staff working at the weekends! Now we've got time to breath and concentrate on our latest brand Charlton Hall Design - equestrian range.  Other news we are enjoying designing and working with Scouse Bird Problems - shes a great business women and really fun to work with, its always lovely to go to Liverpool and see our stuff in Tate Albert Dock, The Museum of Liverpool and the iconic Walker Art Gallery, and now with Scouse Bird the sky is the limit!
Best in Collection by Wotmalike Ltd


New Year New Range - Horsey - Charlton Hall Designs January 04 2016

We are so happy to announce the launch of our new range of cards and gifts with an equestrian/country theme.
Loving both horses and dogs this range was designed from the heart. The illustrations have been painstakingly drawn to give a modern contemporary look to a traditional equestrian/country theme which are suitable for all ages and genders. 

The range consists of greeting cards for all occasions with fabulous bold RED satin ribbon rosettes (red is for first place in UK) to accompany lovely mugs, household textiles, coasters, key rings and wooden signs as well as gorgeous prints - with more designs and products in development.

This new range by Wotmalike has been named Charlton Hall Designs in honour of our gorgeous sadly missed friend Joanna Charlton Hall.

Charlton Hall Designs Equestrian Cards and Gifts by Wotmalike

Rustic Wooden Keyrings November 11 2015

We LOVE our rustic wooden keyrings and are delighted at the response they have received.
Our work shop is so busy with huge sheets of wood coming in all the time.  Our fabulous industrial printer is working all the time at the moment. The elves have been REALLY busy making them! HoHoHo!
The photoshoot for the keyrings took place a few weeks back when it seemed Christmas was but a distant dream and here we are - just a few weeks away!
Rustic Wooden Keyrings by Wotmalike LtdRustic Wooden Keyrings by Wotmalike LtdRustic Wooden Keyrings by Wotmalike LtdRustic Wooden Keyrings by Wotmalike Ltd

It's CCCCCCCCChristmas!!! (said in Noddy Holder stylee) at Wotmalike HQ August 16 2015

Let it snow let it snow let it snow (or sner even).

We've been really busy with our elves (our staff) on a huge production drive getting all the stock ready and in the warehouse for Christmas 2015!  We've got some lovely new gift ideas for Christmas this year which will be upon us before we know it.  So no sunbathing for us - we've been wearing boots and scarves and gloves to get in the mood.  *Drinking mulled wine and singing to Cliff Richard    
*one bit of that is not true

We've also had the photo shoot for our new brand Charlton Hall Designs - it was an amazing day on location at a fabulous riding school in the sunshine with our team of amazingly talent photographers AND a visit from a features writer from a big national glossy magazine - can't wait to see the article which is going to be all about innovative leading design and illustration skills (no text manipulation here or copying - we lead we dont follow).   Here's a photo of one of the stars in the photo shoot - the gorgeous foal called Banksy!!

Charlton Hall Designs Equestrian Cards and Gifts by Wotmalike

We have taken on a new member of staff too - Abi has joined us as Jo's assistant - she is amazing in every way and don't know what we did without her already!

Phew! more news as it happens.........  shuffles papers looks into camera - goodnight


Hoose Rules!! New for the North East! July 11 2015

We love our really stylish Hoose Rules range available in a Tea towel, a print and a sign - a house in the North East or Newcastle isn't complete without a few rules!  Dee as ya telt Mind Ya Neb, Howay In, Hoy The Kettle On, Divvint Fret Pet. Why dont you lay down your house rules with this perfect 'hoose' rules print or Tea Towel. We are loving Keeping the North East dialect alive in a very stylish way.  Creatively designed by Geordie lass Jo Burrows using hand drawn fonts we knaa these make great North East Gifts and Geordie Souvenirs.  We are constantly evolving and expanding our fabulous personalised range of cards and gifts to accompany this range so wotch oot!

Great Gifts and personalised presents for Geordies

Chartlon Hall Designs May 06 2015

We are really busy at the moment - mainly with putting the final touches to Charlton Hall Designs.  This is our new brand and is very different from anything we have produced before.  It is a national product and will feature a countryside theme mainly exquisite equestrian designs as well as other British animals.  We love it - we will tell you more about the name Charlton Hall Designs once the range is officially launched.  Watch this space.....

Charlton Hall Designs

House Rules March 30 2015

We are delighted our new House Rules collections are finally launched.  Loads of work went into to creating a unique look and feel for them whilst keeping in line with our brand. We hate just using boring old text so these have an illustrative edge to them.

They are:-

1. #boss

2.  #chuffingreat

choose as appropriate!

Here is the news...... February 26 2015

We've been dead busy out seeing some of our lovely customers in Liverpool. Was brilliant to see our products in Tate Modern, The Beatles Story, Museum of Liverpool and Walker Art Gallery to name but a few.  We had a great time and managed to combine it with spending time with our fabulous agent and her family. 
Mothers day kicked off this week too! Has been mental working all hours to get hundreds of orders out!  Our Glam range has already proven to be a huge hit and we've ordered a reprint already as we don't want to run out!
Finally been working with a fabulous new client who buys and develops old mansions and castles throughout the UK and Europe - we are really excited to see the ranges come to life.  Its a pleasure to work with such inventive entrepreneurial people.
Its all fabulous despite the hours we LOVE our business!

Glam Mam, Glama Nana Cards

Matt Reilly Tells Us The story behind the ‘luv deeper than the Tyne’ card. February 02 2015

The story behind the ‘luv deeper than the Tyne’ card. 

 A lot of writers have their own personal special space to write in: a home office, a particular corner of a room, or a table set aside to work on. At home, we have a spare bedroom that I’ve converted into a makeshift office, with a desk to write at. It’s nice, well lit, and comfortable. And yet … I find that I do some of my best (short) writing in completely the opposite conditions. The ‘luv deeper than the Tyne’ card is one such example.  

 For me, sitting bored and uncomfortable on public transport drives me to distraction. And my distraction is usually either reading or writing. Given the short distances that I usually commute, the writing has to be short. So it usually ends up being a quick poem or a flash fiction (flash fictions are very short stories, such as this one that I wrote in the space of a 20-minute bus journey across Newcastle in 2012: 

 The idea for the luv deeper than the Tyne rhyme came to me in the most appropriate of places: I was commuting home from work on a Metro from Newcastle to Gateshead. If you don’t live in Newcastle, then let me tell you: this is a journey that’s worth taking. The journey is worth doing even if you only take the Metro for one stop, from Newcastle to Gateshead or vice versa. Because for 10 seconds of the Metro journey, you get a stunning view looking straight down the Tyne at four of the river’s beautiful bridges.  

 And so there I was, staring at the view that I’m lucky enough to see every day, when the phrase ‘my love for you runs deeper than the Tyne’ popped into my head. Out of nowhere, just like that, boom. I quickly grabbed my phone (much handier than pen and paper) and sent that line to myself on an email. The next morning, on my way back across the water to work, I emailed my completed four-line Geordie dialect rhyme to Jo Burrows (Bykerlass). Jo then started creating the wonderful visuals to complement my words on the card. It’s amazing to hear that our ‘Tyne’ card is currently Jo’s best-selling Valentine’s card! It just goes to show that good ideas can come to you in the most random of places. Just make sure you write them down! 


Our Fab Blog Have a deek..... December 07 2014

Its been a while since I had a chance to blog - been dead busy with Christmas and new stuff for the New Year so haven't had a chance to show some of the fabulous photos of our products which our loyal customers have sent in.  If you haven't seen it already check out our blog  basically our mugs are photographed all over the world.  Its fab and never ceases to amaze me where they are taken.  We've had photos from the Panama Canal, Bora Bora, All over Australia and even up the CN Tower!! Love it!  Hope your all getting sorted for Christmas........

Christmas 2014 Cards now on sale!! October 23 2014

Soooo all our fabulous Christmas cards have gone on sale on tinternet.  We are really happy with this range and the paper stock they are printed on.  They are original and fresh using hand drawn fonts and bright colours whilst still being identifiable as our cards.  We HEART them......

We know they sell really well in the UK but also get a lot of interest from America thanks to Toni Hargis shes an ex pat over there who loves our stuff!!

geordie christmas card tree merry christmas good & a deed good new year geordie christmas card


Dead Dead Busy September 11 2014

Step Away From the Wine Rustic Sign which can be personalised by Wotmalike Ltd
Well! We used to import signs into the UK from China - took ages, wasn't ethical, cost loads by the time you added on all the additional costs.  SO we tried to find a supplier in the UK - no luck - everyone was dead expensive or crap. So we have bought the kit to produce signs in house and they are fabulous - slightly rustic, made of wood, made by us AND we can put anything on them.  Had some funny requests already (who am I to question).  Loads of wholesale orders flying out with a few new big projects in the pipeline.  Including our business being asked to design for a huge sporting event (oooh - can't tell you who or when or why just yet).  Then its Christmas - all our Christmas stock is now in the warehouse (the gnomes are all busy packing up big big orders)!! Our expansion continues with the National brand - eeeeh just enough time for wine (occasionally)!

Interview between writer Matt Reilly and Illustrator Jo Burrows (Bykerlass) about the fabulous Geordie Poetry Range of cards and Geordie Poetry Gifts August 19 2014

The collaboration between creative writer Matt Reilly from Low Fell and Jo Burrows (Bykerlass) strangely enough from Byker, created this amazing range of cards and gifts which have already been purchased by most of the leading retailers in the North East.

The range is printed on heavy 300gsm card is larger in size than our regular cards and is printed with a satin finish. The cards are pure quality for both design and wording any recipient wouldn’t be disappointed. They are available to purchase at £2.75 free P&P from our website.

Geordie Poetry Card Bonny Lass


Here’s some info about Jo and Matt

How long have you been working on this range? Jo: Well I have to say that we initially talked about this idea in October 2013 but I was up to my neck in Christmas orders so we started properly in January. Matt has been really quick to respond to briefs but I have had to fit this range in around my other products and business activity.

Matt: I have written rhymes for cards for friends and family for years, and have been an admirer of Jo’s cards and gifts for a long time, so it has been great to bring those two things together in our collaboration on this range.

Is this range going to develop further? Jo: We have more products and cards in the same ilk which are lovely and will be ready for Christmas (watch this space). We also have another region of dialect inspired poems to publish too! (We’ve been really busy)

Matt: In a word ... Yes! It’s a really fun range to work on, and Jo and I work really well together, so I’m looking forward to developing this range (and the other regions) even further.

Whose work do you most admire in your given field?

Jo: I love Caroline Gardner. I love the way she stays classy and keeps innovating whilst everyone else is behind her trying to keep up. I really try to model myself on her each time my work gets “interpreted” it makes me dig deep and innovate with new products and ideas.

Matt: I have two inspirations when it comes to writing rhymes for cards: the comedian and writer Spike Milligan, and Purple Ronnie’s creator Giles Andreae. I’ve always loved the type of poetry that appeals to everyone, from eight-year-olds to 108-year-olds, rather than the really cryptic stuff I read at college. For that reason, I wouldn’t call myself a poet. I’m a creative writer who loves to write daft rhymes! Even so, I take my work very seriously.

What’s the most difficult part of creating the cards?

Jo:  For me its doing Matts lovely words justice and choosing the right look and feel - I still need my customers to recognise my design style whilst offering something new and innovative.

Matt: It might sound obvious, but the most difficult part for me is finding the right words. I can write rhymes quickly and easily, but it’s never my aim to just write a rhyme. I’m always trying to write the perfect rhyme, with the perfect rhythm. I’m really happy when I find that rhyme and rhythm combination. I love all of the cards Jo and I have collaborated on, but there are a couple of them that I’m really proud of.

What is your usual creative process?

Matt: Jo will send me a creative brief, outlining a Geordie word or phrase that she wants to use on a card. Then it’s ‘thinking cap’ time! I approach the writing in different ways depending on where I am: I usually jot things down in a notebook, but sometimes things come to you in the most random of places. One rhyme came to me almost fully formed when I was sat on the Metro, as it crossed the River Tyne, so I quickly typed it as a message on my phone and sent it to myself! When I’m happy with the rhyme then I’ll send it across to Jo so she can work her design magic!

Jo: I usually look at the words and match a look or image to the words - if its a celebration the artwork needs to be joyous for instance.  I usually have a specific look in my mind before I start designing a new range.

What draws you to creating these regional dialect cards?

Jo:   I love my accent and love quirky words and love being able to celebrate accents (not just Geordie) in a positive way - being proud of where you are from is a great British trait.

Matt: I spent my early years in Manchester, so when I moved up to north-east England it was like learning a new language. As a writer, you can’t help but fall in love with a region that has such a rich vocabulary all of its own. When you look at them, Geordie words and phrases lend themselves perfectly to rhyming. I feel like these rhymes are my chance to pay tribute to the place I now call home.


Click here to see Matt’s website – – he is available for commissions and collaborations.

Geordie poetry Card Happy Birthday Pet


Preparing for Shoulder Pad Meetings.... July 15 2014

Done a new logo as we needed biz cards for next week when we are presenting to buyers of some big brands...... fingers xd