Copy Cats Marks & Spencer August 24 2022

Copy Cats Greeting Card by Marks and Spencer designer Benjamin Dart
Sadly its a regular occurrence I find "influences" of my work online in others work. Sometimes I just let it go or send a polite message usually its inexperienced designers who don't know any better when its a direct copy.
Just went for a swim to chill out then popped into M&S for some sushi. Saw this card - there are others in the range too. I think this is more than INFLUENCING?? Anyone else agree??? AND its not the first time M&S or and one of their suppliers (usually Tigerprint) have ripped off my work. I know from a friend of a friend who is a talented designer its not worth going after them as they just tie you up in loads of legal shite even though I have copyright insurance - I have too much ORIGNAL INNOVATION to do to waste mental energy on this. But I thought I'd just like to put it out there. Be original.