Running a Business by Jo Burrows Designer (aka Bykerlass) March 29 2014

This week I learned two things.
1.  Blatantly copying someones design style is in my opinion theft - (not my work I'm talking about btw) I saw an example of good design blatantly ripped off by someone with some design software.  Incidently having design software does not make a designer. Each "real" designer has their own handwriting and has spent many years developing this style.  Karma is a bitch so I just hope it comes knocking to those who deserve it.

2. Social Media - great but not as good as "Great Products and Innovative Design"
Facebook likes are not a reflection on how successful a business is. Many of the leading greeting card publishers today who sell tens of thousands of cards each month have very few facebook likes - they are spending their time on good innovative design and developing and establishing relationships with buyers! I do believe in social media but sales are a better way of measuring success in my opinion!

It has actually been a GREAT week - not moaning honestly just wanting to make a point!

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