Dead Dead Busy September 11 2014

Step Away From the Wine Rustic Sign which can be personalised by Wotmalike Ltd
Well! We used to import signs into the UK from China - took ages, wasn't ethical, cost loads by the time you added on all the additional costs.  SO we tried to find a supplier in the UK - no luck - everyone was dead expensive or crap. So we have bought the kit to produce signs in house and they are fabulous - slightly rustic, made of wood, made by us AND we can put anything on them.  Had some funny requests already (who am I to question).  Loads of wholesale orders flying out with a few new big projects in the pipeline.  Including our business being asked to design for a huge sporting event (oooh - can't tell you who or when or why just yet).  Then its Christmas - all our Christmas stock is now in the warehouse (the gnomes are all busy packing up big big orders)!! Our expansion continues with the National brand - eeeeh just enough time for wine (occasionally)!