Character Keyrings By Wotmalike April 20 2018

As an illustrator and a business owner, sometimes the illustration side gets overlooked as I run the business and deal with the day to day challenges.
The characters started out as a little project for me after I was asked by The Beatles Story in Liverpool to produce some Mop Top Bealtes characters.  (This artwork is exclusive to the Beatles Story shops and musems).John Lennon and Paul McCartney by Wotmalike Ltd

Then other customers asked for their favourite characters and now I have quite a long list. 
Who knew I would love drawing people in my very own drawing style.  I could honestly do it all day.  I really try to create not only a likeness but also a part of their character.  My Morrissey has a slight jut of the jaw which makes it really Morrissey.  Amy is looking from the side and Liam Gallagher has a slight scowl whilst still be dead handsome. My favourites by far have been Amy Winehouse and Blondie - I think its cos I love them both.
Amy Winehouse drawn by Jo Burrows at Wotmalike Ltd
Blondie Debbie Harry drawn by Jo Burrows at Wotmalike Ltd
If you have any suggestions I'd happily consider them!